Web3 gaming studios

Non-stop building the future of metaverse gaming experiences.


Metazooie brings superb gaming to everyone, guiding user experience into the web3 world. With the full power of Unreal Engine, we help players live realistics gaming experiences in social digital hubs. Players can explore and immerse into worlds never seen before.



We believe every detail counts towards creating a truly immersive experience. All our games are built on this principle.


Modern-day tech must facilitate access and scalability for gaming experiences.


Play on any device, anywhere. We have created a bridged between web browsers, Unreal Engine and web3 to bring experiences to anyone.


We build towards a community-driven future, where players own their gaming assets.

Beautiful experiences created with


Web3 Ready

Integrations for NFT collections, in-game economies and web3 token-gated communities. Everything is possible, the future of gaming is here.

Worldwide Access

Scaled web3 gaming experience for any type of device, directly on web browsers. Efficient technological solutions to bring gaming to everyone.

Realistic Experiences

Everything built with Unreal Engine technologies to bring the highest level of detail to our players. Why settle for less?

Unique Environments

Every experience is built differently, it has to be. With each game, we create a different world for our players to explore, interact and enjoy.

Tailored Characters

Each virtual character is created to become your identity and enhance the immersive experience of players in the metaverse.

Real-Time Interactions

In-game voice and chat integrations create a social hub for communities. Players can gather, interact and play in any type of virtual experiences.

Enjoy the metaverse with your digital


Realistic features to make your digital self to the highest level of detail modern tech can create.
NFT integrations to enhance web3 community experience to the metaverse.
Meet and interact with new friends with your unique digital identity, always on HD.

We are living online, in most cases, more than offline. Your identity is a key part of yourself; an extension of who you are. Web3 has brought digital ownership to communities, and metaverse experiences should grow to create the realistic digital world we deserve.